Yahoo Under Construction Is Upsetting Webmasters

Have seen your Yahoo search traffic plummeting over the weekend? Over the last couple of days the word has been going around that Yahoo is seriously working on their algorithm and that is causing a lot of frustration among webmasters.

The Yahoo blog confirmed they are rolling out some changes over the coming days and that altered SERP’s can be observed. However many webmasters and online marketers are now struggling with dissapointing traffic from Yahoo Search due to substantial drops inĀ  listings for important and sometimes crucial keywords.

Webmaster forums discuss extensively over this issue and the general tone seems to be pretty negative. A twenty place drop, 8O% less traffic from Yahoo, years of work wiped out. The changes are not definitive yet so there is no reason for too much panic yet though. Some webmasters also report improvements and even suggest the current rankings look more like those of Google earlier. We will now more in the coming days.

For the time being one can only sit and watch. Again it’s striking to see how important some keywords can be for online businesses and how big the impact on revenues is when a search engine is suddenly messing with your rankings. We keep our fingers crossed.

At the same time Yahoo is upsetting many, Microsoft Live Search Launches another Cash Back initivative. This time they launch a Back To School cashback initivative. Previous reviews on the live search cashback have been dissapointing and with this launch it’s clear Microsoft wants to generate more queries and attract new searchers to get acknowledge with the Cashback concept.